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Our sustainability efforts


- Non-mulesing sheep
- Organic cotton
- Recycled polyester

- Using solar power generation in part

- Reduction of energy loss in the process

- Care for the working environment
- Consideration of drainage
- Use of safe substances under REACH


to realize a sustainable society:

  ・We actively use sustainable materials

・Other sustainable initiatives:

・Solar power generation & loss reduction

   We have solar power generation system on the roof of our factory, and are striving to eliminate energy loss and utilize natural energy in production. In addition, we strive to become a recycling-oriented factory by turning waste scraps that inevitably occur during the fabric production process into core material to enhances strength of buildings, felt, etc.

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・Employees' working environment

  We are always concerned about the human rights of our employees. All employees are over the age of 18, and the company treats all men and women equally and with respect in all aspects, including human rights and wages. They retain freedom of expression and speech. Our company considers the happiness of its employees and does not impose any forced labor.

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Sustainable materials

  Our factory also has a rich lineup of sustainable materials. For example, we actively propose non-mulesed sheep, organic cotton, and recycled polyester materials, and many products made from sustainable materials are on the market. We use approximately 60 tons of organic cotton each year.


・Consideration of drainage

  We also take thorough measures to prevent water pollution. Our factory keeps bacteria in our factory, and by using the power of natural organisms called bacteria to transform drainage from our factory into a harmless state, we contribute to environmental protection. Bacteria are also living things, so we send air into the water so they can breathe, and we always pay attention to the temperature and environment in which they live.We also have a system that reuses water in the production process.


・Safe substances

  Free of harmful substances: We do not use any harmful substances, including azo dyes, as stipulated by the REACH regulation. Factory employees can work safely without being exposed to harmful substances, and consumers can use our fabrics for a long time with peace of mind.

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