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Company's Profile



Established: December, 1932

(Founded 1950)


Capital: 99 million Japanese yen

(900 thousand US dollars)


Representative: Kazunobu Moriguchi


Production: 1,000,000 m / year

(Blankets, fabrics, living goods)


Head office / Factory
〒 595-0014 

1-45 Kotobuki-cho, Izumiotsu, Osaka, Japan
TEL: (̟+81) 725-21-2221
FAX: (̟+81) 725-21-2225


Chairperson : The Japan Blanket Association


Main vendor

Toyobo Co., Ltd., Itochu Corporation, Mitsubishi Chemical Co., Ltd., Toray Co., Ltd., Chori Inc., Kaneka Co., Ltd.

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Company's history

  We have been bolstered in the blanket industry for a long time in Izumiotsu in southern Osaka, which produces the largest amount of blankets in Japan.


 Our factory manufacture fluffy and soft fabrics created using the blanket manufacturing method. Even today, the city is called a ``blanket town'' that accounts for over 90% of Japan's production.

1932: The first president, Yasaburo Moriguchi, founded MORIYA textile factory

1950: Corporate reorganization MORIYA KEORI Co., Ltd.

1970: Head office relocated to Kotobuki-cho Izumiosu City

1975: Introducing warp knitting machines, production of the new type of knitted fabrics started

1980: Introduced a screen printing machine, and became the integrated manufacturing factory

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