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Our fabrics

The feature of our fabric is fluffy and soft that make the most of the softness of the material by craftsmen, only made in Japan.

Also, we take the order from small lots to large lots with short delivery times if desired since we carry out integrated production at our own factory.

We could produce both single-sided pile and double-sided pile fabrics.

The types of fabrics




We could produce both single-sided pile and double-sided pile fabrics.


Double-sided / Single sided


・Energy and loss reduction

 We have installed solar power generation on the roof of our factory, and are striving to eliminate energy loss and utilize natural energy in production. In addition, we strive to become a recycling-oriented factory by turning waste scraps that inevitably occur during the fabric production process into strong building materials, felt, etc.

Actively proposing sustainable materials

Our factory also has a rich lineup of sustainable materials. For example, although we are an OEM factory, we actively propose non-mulesed sheep, organic cotton, and recycled polyester materials, and many products made from sustainable materials are on the market. We use approximately 60 tons of organic cotton each year.

・Water safety management

We also take thorough measures to prevent drainage. In the dyeing process at a factory, if water containing dye is directly discharged to a wastewater treatment plant, the burden on the treatment plant will increase. We keep bacteria in our factory, and by using the power of natural organisms called bacteria to transform our products into a harmless state, we contribute to environmental protection. Bacteria are also living things, so we send air into the water so they can breathe, and we always pay attention to the temperature and environment in which they live.

・Safe substances

Free of harmful substances: We do not use any harmful substances, including azo dyes, as stipulated by the REACH regulation. Factory employees can work safely without being exposed to harmful substances, and consumers can use our fabrics for a long time with peace of mind.

・Care for employees' working environment

We are always concerned about the human rights of our employees. All employees are over the age of 18, and the company treats all men and women equally and with respect in all aspects, including human rights and wages. They retain freedom of expression and speech. Our company considers the happiness of its employees and does not impose any forced labor.


Is very fluffy and soft since craftsmen restore the cotton yarn to its original state,


making full use of the delicate technology that originated in Japan. Both organic and non-organic fabrics are available.

Cotton fabric


Wool fabric

That makes the most of the softness of high-quality wool, like mouton. We carefully select soft and long worsted yarn.

It does not shrink even after washing using washable wool, making it easy to handle.



Synthetic Fabric


Using high-quality acrylic and polyester can be given various functions that can only be manufactured by our company.

For example, making a wide variety of fabrics such as a highly durable soft-touch fabric knitting in super high density, a very warm feeling fabric, and a faux fur blanket like animal hair such as mink and fox.



Is rarely seen in the world. The feature is the softness of knitting, and the pile is not pulled out and has excellent durability unlike woven towels.

In addition, possible to be finished with a soft texture by brushing it specially.


Terry Cloth Knit Fabric



Unique printing technique


Large size patterns can be applied to print on long-pile fabrics using very big screens.

We could print on cotton, wool, acrylic, and polyester fabrics from thin to very thick fabrics. This kind of technology is only available in our factory.

Print screens are also manufactured in Japan, south of Osaka.




140 x 200 cm brushed fabric



with paintings of Mona Lisa / Van Gogh printed on it


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