Thoughtful quest for materials.


   We only use carefully selected materials. This is because the quality of materials and the quality of products are directly linked.


 In addition, the Raschel knitted blanket has a long pile, so it uses thoughtfully sourced materials that do not lose fuzz over time.


  In China, polyester blankets are mostly the norm. Our factory deals with many kinds of materials including acrylic, cotton, and wool. We handle over eight  types of acrylics including various functional yarns, five types of cotton (including organic cotton), and wool. We  select our materials based on the origin of the raw material and the fineness of the yarn.

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Research to make the best use of materials.


  However, just using good materials does not produce a good blanket. We creatively devise the pile length, knitting density, and texture processing so that the high quality of the material is best exhibited.


  In addition, since there are infinite knitting patterns for the Raschel knitted blanket, we are developing high-value-added blankets that can delight customers—for example, surface-modified blankets and cross-knit blankets produced by combining multiple materials.


  In texture processing after dyeing, it is possible to produce a wide variety of blankets by changing the degree of brushing and how the polisher is applied. Specifically, we are able to create blankets with a plump volume and smooth blankets with a beautiful, shiny skin.


  In order to meet our customers’ various needs, we conduct daily research on how to produce better blankets through all of our processes.




  Using machines that are most suitable for each process to achieve the highest quality.


 Our knitting machine is made in Japan, our printing machine is made in Austria, our printing machine belt is made in France, and our pile-raising machine is made in Japan and Italy.

 We are also actively introducing cutting-edge machines. Most recently, we introduced an automatic color blender, an Aurora dyeing machine, and the CCM: Computer Color Matching. The color blender and CCM are enabling us to perform more accurate blending. Finally, the eyes are used for both machine and color-blender eyes.

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  Adopting technology that makes use of

years of experience acquired by craftsmen.


  To produce the best possible blanket, machines must be combined with the skills of experienced craftsman who handle them .


In our factory, a craftsman with over 30 years of experience is involved with our machines throughout every process—for example, devising knitting patterns by the knitting designer, color combinations in dyeing, and how much raising and brushing is done.


  Our blankets are further refined by our craftsman’s expertise, which is not only based on research and calculation but also on experience.


  The extent of brushing and pile raising must be adjusted not only according to differences in fabric material but also daily temperatures and humidity . In order to consistently produce the best blankets, our craftsmen create them gradually while carefully checking the feel of each blanket.