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What is the Raschel knitted blanket?

 We use warp-knitting rascel machine. Originally, the KARL MAYER knitting machine was used for knitting laces.

 Japan's unique fabric was developed by modifying the KARL MAYER warp-knitting machine to create a soft, fluffy, delicate blanket that Japanese people enjoy.


 The greatest advantage is that the length of the pile can be varied. The long and fluffy fabrics are very warm because they contain a lot of air.


 Blankets with short pile can be used directly on the skin under a duvet in winter, taking advantage of the soft touch of the material. In summer, you can sleep comfortably with only one blanket.


 In addition, the blankets feature a form stability that is high, strong, and can be used for a long time. Since the pile is tightly bound with the ground, it is difficult for the pile to come off.


 Furthermore, since the blankets have some elasticity and they adhere to the body, they have the merit of preventing the phenomenon whereby warm air escapes from a gap between the blanket and the body .

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