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  There are two types of  Raschel knitted blankets:


"Two-ply blankets" and "New Mayer blankets".


  The former is made by laminating two pieces of fabric while the latter uses one piece of fabric to produce one blanket (more details can be found on the factory description finishing page).

Photo: Two-ply blanket

Two-ply blanket & New Mayer blanket

 Each of these blanket types has different merits. 

Two-ply blankets are composed of two sheets of fabric, so they are very warm. In these blankets, the fabric is thick and creates an air pocket  between the two sheets of fabric. On the other hand, New Mayer blankets have the advantage of being light and being easy to carry, store, and wash.


  If a duvet will be combined with a blanket, using the relatively lightweight New Mayer blanket would be ideal. If you sleep only with blankets, the warmer and thicker Two-ply blanket is recommended.


Photo: Cotton New Mayer blanket

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