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Choosing bedding that takes humidity into consideration

  Sweating while sleeping reduces body temperature and causes discomfort due to stuffiness. People are said to feel uncomfortable due to moisture when the humidity exceeds 65%.


  If the humidity in the bed is too high, you will not sweat and you will be unable to dissipate heat from your hands and feet.Water has a thermal conductivity 25 times higher than that of air; this means that when sweat collects, it quickly dissipates the body’s heat.


  When these things does so, it disrupts the bed’s ideal climate and makes good sleep nearly impossible.

Babies are very sweaty

  It is generally known that throughout a night’s sleep, you sweat one cup of water. Babies' metabolism is more active than adults. The amount of sweat babies have is twice that of an adult.


   So it is important to use a hygroscopic blanket in summer. It might be better for babies and people who are sweaty all year round to use the other seasons.


  In particular, we recommend using cotton or wool instead of polyester, as it is easy to collect sweat in sleeping pads. At our factory, we also produce cotton and wool blankets and sleeping pads.

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