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Why we use polyester for the base

 Our fabrics are divided into the pile and the base. All parts that come into contact with the skin are pile parts.


 We normally use polyester yarn for the base.The base part is also made of natural fibers 


※ We have also  fabrics made of natural material in the base, with solid physical properties by a special method. (Such as fabric strength, dimensional change in washing  shedding)

 There are two reasons for this choice.

 (1) Keeping the pile from coming off

 (2) Giving the fabrics stiffness.

 (1) Keeping the pile from coming off

  The base is divided into a looped "chain yarn" and an "insertion yarn" that supports the former. The pile yarn passes through the loop of the chain yarn.

  One of the characteristics of polyester is that it shrinks with the application of heat. When polyester with higher shrinkage than normal is steamed at 100℃, its loop shrinks, resulting in a tighter pile that is difficult to pull out.


Photo: Enlarged photo of the base


 (2) Giving the blanket strength and stiffness.

  Second, polyester is stronger than other fibers, enabling the production of a long-lasting blanket that is also suitable for business use.


  Polyester itself has some stiffness. Thus, by incorporating it in the ground, it can produce a flexible, highly drapeable fabric.

Photo: The base taken up on the beam

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