Blanket town 'Izumiotsu' accounts for over 90% of blanket production in Japan.Our factory was founded in 1932 and has long supported the Japanese blanket industry.

  We focus on not only 'traditional' but also 'innovation'. This is a great strength that our factory can work together to advance development, because our company is an integrated factory,.

  Why not be a member of our factory and make blankets together?

We manufacture blankets, handling various machines. Even those with no experience will teach from our staffs, so it's no problem.

  Rachel knitted Blanket production is very deep to know.

Handling of the material also covers a wide range, such as acrylic, wool, cotton.

Factory tours are also welcome.

Please contact the following if you are interested.

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〒 595-0014 

1-45 Kotobuki-cho, Izumiotsu
TEL: 0725-21-2221
FAX: 0725-21-2225

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