The secrets of acrylic warmth

Photo: guard hair and down hair


  In addition to the above bulky shrinkage, acrylic  produces a coiled “crimp” like wool in its raw material state.


  This is another secret to acrylic’s warmth. The crimp forms an air layer inside the blanket, making it fluffy.

Bulky contraction

There is a secret to the warmth of acrylic blankets: the feature of “bulky contraction”.


  It is possible to blend two types of non-shrinkable fiber and heat-shrinkable fiber and mix them into a yarn. By doing so, the fibers are divided into “guard hair”, which is soft to the touch, and “down hair”, which supports the former and traps warmth inside the bed.


  Guard hair made of non-bulky fiber is finished with a smooth cotton blanket because the fiber is made of thin cotton. 

Photo: Acrylic fiber in its raw material state and corns

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